Camino Skies

Enjoy New Zealand documentary Camino Skies at our next Film Talk in association with Rialto Cinemas. Director Fergus Grady will be present for a half-hour audience Q&A after the film.

The inspirational journey of six antipodean pilgrims between the ages of 50 and 80 who embark on the historic 800 kilometre Spanish pilgrimage. In the face of overwhelming odds, the Camino acts as a catalyst for catharsis and forces the group to defy their age and physical ability as they come to terms with recent loss. Heart-breaking and inspirational, Camino Skies is an uplifting story about everyday people doing the extraordinary.

“The Directors ability to capture intimate, poignant moments with subtlety and restraint while carefully crafting a narrative was both engaging and genuinely moving.” – Doc Edge Film Festival Judges Feedback

Last updated on 20 March 2020

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In my last blog editorial I wrote of Fair Remuneration and the meetings DEGNZ President Howard Taylor and I attended in Tokyo at the General Assembly of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) and Executive Council meeting of Writers & Directors Worldwide.

Rather than pen more words about this, here is a link to a 10 minute video produced by W & DW and other associated bodies on the discussions at the meetings of W & DW and the Directors Guild of Japan.


Tui Ruwhiu
Executive DIrector

Last updated on 20 March 2020

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Calling for actors and directors/writers with scripts for a Table Read on Saturday 10 August!

Round 3 opens on 8 July and closes 2 August.

A core cast – max six actors – together with a writer+director team OR writer/director will collaborate on each script-in-development table read. The script must have a director attached and have been through a development process.

Four Table Reads per year on Saturdays @NZWG HQ in Grey Lynn.

How to Submit a Script

DEGNZ and NZWG members are invited to apply for the script component.

Submit a full-length draft feature film script for your name to go into the draw for a day-long table read (names remain for subsequent draws).

WRITER + DIRECTOR* (OR WRITER/DIRECTOR) – Submit script via email to


Please check these details before you enter.

*Both must be a member(s) of NZWG and DEGNZ:

  • A solo Writer/Director must be a member of both NZWG and DEGNZ.
  • In a Writer-Director team, the Writer must be a member of NZWG, AND the Director must be a member of DEGNZ.

When you enter, please include this information:

  • name of writer, and if they belong to NZWG
  • name of director, and if they belong to DEGNZ

Call for Actors for Table Read #3

We are looking for actors to work together with writers and directors on a script-in-development table read. Actors must be members of Equity New Zealand.

Actors, please register your interest below and the NZWG will contact you if you are cast. You will receive a gift card as a nominal appreciation for your participation.



2019 Table Reads

Table Read #1

Open: 21 January
Close: 15 February
Table Read: Sat 23 February

Table Read #2

Open: 15 April
Close: 10 May
Table Read: Sat 18 May

Table Read #3

Open: 8 July
Close: 2 August
Table Read: Sat 10 August

Table Read #4

Open: 21 October
Close: 15 November
Table Read: Sat 23 November

A joint initiative brought to you by NZWG, DEGNZ & EQUITY Foundation
With warm thanks to the New Zealand Film Commission

Last updated on 20 March 2020

DEGNZ invites actors to apply for a rare learning experience as a participant and observer in our 5-Day Travis Technique Intensive Workshop for Directors.

The Intensive with Mark Travis is designed to fully immerse five directors into story, characters and staging. The five days are all about process and collaboration. Each director will develop their scene script and characters in collaboration with two to three actors. Actors may be cast as one or two characters. Final rehearsals will take place over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Actors need to be available for their half-day rehearsal slot(s). 

Although not compulsory for actors to take part in the full five days, we encourage those selected to attend as much of the Intensive as possible. In this way, the actor will get to fully participate in working with the directors, and experience The Travis Technique of allowing their characters to emerge organically from deep within.

“I love working with Mark. It’s as if he opens the top of my head and rummages around in there until all my internal voices are alive and conflict… then he calls action. I can’t plan or play it safe, I am forced to exist in the moment. It’s a gift for an actor.”

The Travis Technique

The greatest obstacle for directors and actors is their desire to control the characters. Directors control by demanding results. Actors control by planning their performances, thereby effectively blocking the characters from emerging freely and organically.

The problem is that most directors are not given the training in how to engage with actors in a creative and collaborative way. Without these skills for inspiring and supporting the actors, directors will revert to result directing. This forces actors to fabricate the emotions and attitudes they think will please the director.

With The Travis Technique, directors can bring out the characters’ emotional truths from the actors without falling back on result directing. Actors can release their characters from within – complex and unpredictable, lusting and tumbling through the drama of their lives. Even the most vanilla scenes will start to breathe and pulse.

Once directors and actors have worked together in rehearsal, exploring the characters’ relationships and dynamics in the scenes, the quality of performances will be markedly heightened. During production, multiple takes can be tweaked quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.


Our Tutors

MARK W. TRAVIS is one of the world’s leading authorities on the art of film directing, writing and storytelling. On-stage, he has directed over 60 theatre productions in Los Angeles and New York. Author of two important books on filmmaking and winner of over 30 directorial awards in theater, Mark Travis has developed a fresh and innovative approach to writing and directing that cuts to the living and breathing core of every story, script and character. Mark has taught his dynamic Travis Technique at over 50 film schools and director’s guilds around the world. Affectionately called “the director’s director,” Mark is in constant demand to consult on film projects worldwide.

ELSHA TAYA BOHNERT is an award-winning artist and poet, and the author of Don’t Trip over the Garden Hose (Deuxmers, 2013). Elsha has been a longtime student of Mark Travis’ autobiographical storytelling workshops in Hawai`i and is the only person authorized by him to teach it. With her background in multicultural learning and narrative medicine, she helps students learn The Travis Technique through playful and provocative games. “You have to be like an ancient four-year-old,” she says, “clueless and wise about the enchanted worlds we come from and still carry around in our bodies.”

Workshop Details

When: 14 – 18 August, Wed to Sun 9am – 6pm.

Where: Samoa House, The Actors’ Program, 283 Karangahape Rd, Auckland

Actor Price: Free

To Apply

Application Deadline: 10AM, Wednesday 24 July 2019

Please complete the application form below. You will need to supply a link to your acting profile.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Applications closed.

This workshop is brought to you with the generous support of the New Zealand Film Commission.



Last updated on 20 March 2020