Professional Advice

DEGNZ staff are able to provide assistance with general information and specific legal, contract and financial information for members, as well as career advice and dispute resolution.

Legal Advice

Members are offered thirty minutes free legal advice, with discounted rates thereafter, from Guild lawyer Tim Riley, Dominion Law, Auckland.

You will need to be referred by the Guild for this service. Please contact us.


Members have access to the Directors’ Minimum Rate Card and the Editors’ Minimum Rate Card.

International Associations

Members working internationally may draw on the Guild’s extensive contacts abroad through its affiliations with key international film organizations. View benefits here.

Screen Directors Collecting Societies

Your membership of DEGNZ puts you on the radar for ASDACS Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society, our Australasian and International collecting agency which collects and distributes payments due to directors for the exploitation of their work nationally and internationally. We encourage Directors to join directly at