Policy and Advocacy

Representation and lobbying

One of the core functions of DEGNZ, as the representative body of Screen Directors and Editors in New Zealand, is to lobby on your behalf to improve industry opportunities and conditions and raise awareness of the work of screen Directors and Editors.

We engage in dialogue with key policy-making bodies in film, television and the arts generally, to ensure that Directors’ and Editors’ interests are properly represented and we have a clear, informed and effective voice.

We work to strengthen your creative and remunerative rights, both nationally and internationally, by lobbying policy in areas of funding and incentives, creative and cultural values and local content quota.

DEGNZ is a member of the Copyright Council of NZ, and is active in the WeCreate campaign, aimed at raising a positive profile and awareness of intellectual property rights.

DEGNZ is a founding member of SINZ (Screen Industry New Zealand) a pan-industry body set up to encourage co-operation between member groups. These include DEGNZ, SPADA (Screen Production and Development Association), Actors Equity NZ, NZ Writers Guild, WIFT, Nga Aho Whakaari, NZ Film and Video Technicians Guild, and NZ Cinematographers Society.

We also work with New Zealand Immigration Service and industry associations to ensure that wherever possible overseas Directors and Editors do not take work from local practitioners.

Help shape the future for New Zealand Directors and Editors

Have your say and help influence Government policy by being involved in and supporting DEGNZ campaigns on behalf of the Directors and Editors of New Zealand.