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Geoff Murphy, Iconoclastic Filmmaker

When Geoff Murphy died last week, he left a film industry very different from the one that he entered in the 1970s. In those days it couldn’t be called an industry – just a bunch of mates trying to make movies. Geoff was at the forefront of the renaissance and deserves the accolades bestowed later […]

Brand New Zealand in Film

NB: Anna Serner quotes extracted from a Nordisk Film & TV Fund article   Anna Serner, the CEO of the Swedish Film Institute, spoke at the Big Screen Symposium a couple of weeks ago on gender equity. In the short time she has been at the Swedish Institute, she has essentially delivered gender parity in […]

Time For A Paradigm Shift

At the Annual General Meeting on 6 October, the Guild and its membership voted on two remits from President Howard Taylor for DEGNZ to unionise and to affiliate with the Council of Trade Unions (CTU). The motions passed and DEGNZ will unionise and affiliate with the CTU. Essentially nothing will change. We will still be […]

Recommendations for screen sector workplace relations unveiled

Media release 17 October 2018 A recommended model to allow collective bargaining for contractors in the screen sector has today been unveiled by the Government-convened Film Industry Working Group. The recommendations, which will now be considered by Government, offer a new path forward for the screen sector, following 2010 law changes to workplace relations in […]

Screen Turmoil Across Tassie Causes Concern

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation was thrown into turmoil last week when Managing Director Michelle Guthrie was fired. Chairman at the time, Justin Milne, a political appointee and personal friend of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, questioned her leadership style and her relationships with Canberra. Milne was then ‘forced’ to resign when it became clear that he […]