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The Blank Page

I’ve been writing this blog for the DEGNZ newsletter for close to six years now. There have been a few times when I’ve been stuck for what to write about, but ultimately came through. But from memory there were two or three times when I couldn’t move from the blank page and we’ve had to […]

How I Got into the Screen Industry

On Wednesday evening I participated in our online Editors and Assistant Editors Gathering. There were about 35 of us. It was an opportunity to discuss issues that affect editors and assistant editors, and to network. One of the questions that often came up from students studying screen, and one that I regularly encounter, is: How […]

Time to Grow Up

Yesterday I was sitting all day on line in the National Affiliates Conference of the Council of Trade Unions. There were three of us from the screen industry. Teachers, nurses, forestry workers, maritime workers, supermarket workers and everybody else who makes up the New Zealand workforce were also represented. Every time I join these union […]

Hard Work Brings Good Luck

I attended the DEGNZ Rialto Film Talk last night of James Ashcroft’s Coming Home In The Dark. Listening to James talk in the Q & A facilitated by DEGNZ member Hweiling Ow, it was clear to me that not only had James worked incredibly hard to earn the success he is having with his film, […]

More on RoVE

One of the things we are doing at DEGNZ at the moment in response to the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) that I wrote about two weeks ago, is to map the pathways for directors and editors into the industry. For editors, we have already done a considerable amount of work in this area with […]