Unsung Heroes and Heroines

I went to the Show Me Shorts Festival opening night this week and had the chance to reflect on recognition. A number of awards were handed out to very deserving recipients including some of our guild members: Alyx Duncan, James Cunningham, Chris Pryor – talents who stood out because of their work, which was put […]

Tell Us Your Story

I’ve been in a seminar this week with film and television producers from New Zealand, Australia and Denmark, lawyers and finance people from New Zealand, Australia and Sweden, and a major sales agent from the UK. At this point in time, the future is not looking rosy for filmmakers. It’s tough out there in television […]

More Like the Luvvies!

Thanks to DEGNZ member Leanne Pooley for this guest editorial. I recently attended a play in Auckland and while looking at the audience it struck me how many of them were members of the theatrical community. Like dancers and the musical fraternity they were there because a) it was a great show and b) theatre […]

What’s New?

Whassup?It’s interesting putting pen to paper to write this, close to a year to the day from when I started in my role as Executive Director at the Directors & Editors Guild of NZ.  I took over from Fiona Copland who quickly stepped into an interim position following the unfortunate passing of the highly regarded […]