Thanks to DEGNZ member Leanne Pooley for this guest editorial. I recently attended a play in Auckland and while looking at the audience it struck me how many of them were members of the theatrical community. Like dancers and the musical fraternity they were there because a) it was a great show and b) theatre […]

Whassup?It’s interesting putting pen to paper to write this, close to a year to the day from when I started in my role as Executive Director at the Directors & Editors Guild of NZ.  I took over from Fiona Copland who quickly stepped into an interim position following the unfortunate passing of the highly regarded […]

I took some time off work a couple of weeks ago to go to a script development lab in Margaret River with a writer I am working with. There were six Australian writer or writer/directors and their producers there with their projects. The Australian funding system for screen production is somewhat similar to ours, and […]

This week’s piece is written by Samantha Caughey, DEGNZ’s Marketing & Events Coordinator, while Tui is overseas.Have you ever watched a film that’s changed your life? Altered your perception of an issue, or spurred you to do something you’d never considered before? Most people can pinpoint at least one film that’s had some kind of lasting […]