29 May 2015 As Dotcom seemingly inches closer to extradition, copyright has raised its head here at the guild enough times recently for me to decide to write about it. And before your eyes glaze over at the thought of reading boring copy about copyright, I can assure you that there are a number of […]

15 May 2015 An old boss of mine used to say that with great change came great opportunity. It would seem that the opportunity in New Zealand is finally arriving from the shakeup in the screen industry predominantly driven by new digital models for distribution, the shift of creative endeavour from film to TV, and […]

1 May 2015 Pay rates continue to be a hot topic here at DEGNZ. It’s understandable as the impact of digital technology continues to drive down pricing in many instances. Just this week I was speaking with a voiceover agency owner who is seeking to maintain the rates she charges for her artists in the […]

17 April 2015 On Tuesday evening the DEGNZ board debated the effect that low-budget filmmaking has had on the pay rates of members. When the Escalator low-budget feature film scheme was introduced by the NZFC, it formalised for features the methodology used by producers to get short films made—beg, borrow and steal (metaphorically), and get […]