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Find an Audience: Monetise Your Work
Come and hear these industry heavyweights demystify distribution and discuss new ways of working together to reach new audiences.

MICHAEL ELDRED is currently a distributor with Madman NZ, having worked also at Dendy, Polygram and Hoyts Distribution in Australia and in New Zealand as an independent distributor. Local films he has released include OUT OF THE BLUE, the smash hit BOY, THE ORATOR (which he also associate produced) and WHITE LIES. Presently he is working with the team releasing WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS.
CHRIS MATTHEWS is a committed film buff, currently Head of Programming for Event Cinemas. Previously he has worked for Hoyts. Chris is known in the industry for his love of cinema and his uncanny instinct for picking winners.
ELIZABETH TROTMAN started her career with Disney in NZ and Hong Kong, then worked for Warner Brothers in London with industry giants such as William Friedkin on the re-release of The Exorcist and Stanley Kubrick on the release of Eyes Wide Shut. She moved to Australia to work for BBC Worldwide, before moving back to NZ in 2002 to take a job with Hoyts. Over the past 10 years she has distributed more than 100 movies and worked with a number of NZ directors. She is now the General Manager of STUDIOCANAL NZ.
DAVID WHITE is an expert in digital film distribution and CEO of independent film VOD provider, IndieReign.com, an online marketplace filmmakers use to sell directly to independent film lovers. David advises filmmakers, distributors and festivals on digital distribution, sales and marketing strategies. He is also CEO of Shift72.com, which creates software used by companies around the world to power their own branded VOD platforms.
JASMIN MCSWEENY (panel moderator) is responsible for the promotion of New Zealand films in New Zealand and internationally. She is NZ Film Commission’s first point of contact for film media enquiries and international festivals and markets. Since joining the NZFC, she has worked on the marketing campaigns for films such as Black Sheep, Boy, The World’s Fastest Indian and The Orator (O le Tulafale).

When: Thursday 10 July 2014 7pm-8.30pm
Where: The Academy Cinemas, 44 Lorne Street, Auckland

Free to members
Non members $20

Find an Audience: Monetise Your Work

DEGNZ Live Stream Event Invite

Find an Audience: Monetise Your Work

Collaborate with distributors and exhibitors to bring an audience to your film.

DEGNZ introduces The Collaborators Series.

This is a series of panel discussions aimed at helping directors get the best from their front line collaborators, from development, through production and postproduction to finally getting the film in front of an audience.

Starting at the back end…

1. Find an Audience: Monetise Your Work
How to collaborate with distributors and exhibitors to bring an audience to your film.

When: Thursday 10 July 2014 7pm-8.30pm
Where: The Academy Cinemas, 44 Lorne Street, Auckland
Moderated by: Jasmin McSweeney, Marketing Manager, NZFC

Distributors Michael Eldred (Madman) and Elizabeth Trotman (Studio Canal) join exhibitor Chris Matthews (Event Cinemas) and IndieReign’s David White to demystify distribution and discuss new ways of working together to find an audience.

Free to members
Non members $20

A chance to meet with Rolf de Heer to discuss your feature project

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Apply now!


Iconic Australian director Rolf de Heer will meet with four emerging New Zealand directors, who are members of the Guild, to talk through their projects and offer advice. The meetings will be one on one, for an hour, on the afternoon of Saturday 26th July, in Auckland. Rolf will read your script prior to meeting.

This is a fantastic opportunity to talk about your film with a vastly experienced and critically revered film maker, renowned for his generosity towards newcomers who are serious about their craft.
More info about Rolf here.

To apply:

Please submit to Lucy Stonex assistant@sdgnz.co.nz
Deadline: 6.00pm Thursday 26th June

  • A paragraph describing your film. (200 words max)
  • A paragraph saying why you want to meet Rolf. (200 words max)
  • 20 consecutive pages of your screenplay
  • Your full contact details

We’ll read these as quickly as possible and in the following few days will ask eight of you for full scripts, from which four projects will be selected.

This initiative is not intended for projects in early development, and sadly we are not in a position to offer script notes or to enter into correspondence with applicants whose projects are not selected. We wish you all the best though!


Annie Collins Editing Masterclass