The Rehearsal Room Wraps for 2014

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The Rehearsal Room is now officially finished for 2014!

With the support of The New Zealand Film Commission and NZ Actors Equity, we were able to host nine Rehearsal Room sessions with a total of 33 directors and 70 actors participating throughout 2014! A huge thank you to our sponsors, fellow guild members and of course to everyone who came along.

DEGNZ would especially like to thank our moderators Miranda Harcourt, Rene Naufahu, Peter Feeney, Phil Darkins, Ian Mune and David McPhail who did a fantastic job facilitating these events.

After much success we are excited to announce that we will be bringing back The Rehearsal Room next year! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the 2015 programme announcements.


Our last Rehearsal Room event took place in Wellington at the beginning of the month and here’s what participants had to say about it:

“I learnt so much. It was such a joy to have a chance to explore the character and to get such good advice from everyone involved.”

“Lovely relaxed safe atmosphere conducive to great work!”

Best part was “watching the extraordinary work of the other performers and directors on the playback”

“Facilitator was very helpful and having that guidance helped develop the skill set from the directors chair”


Thanks team for a fantastic year!


The Rehearsal Room Christchurch

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DEGNZ was glad to bring The Rehearsal Room to Christchurch for the first time last month, especially considering the fantastic talent that came along.

Directors Hugh Mitton, Steph Harris, Gillian Ashurst and Louise Leitch joined actors Nic Farra, David Allen, Julian Anderson, Jos Hoetjes, Lizzie Tollemache, Mike Adams, Susannah Kenton and Dan Bain for a day of practising their craft and work-shopping film scenes from both original and popular film scripts. 

We asked them what they thought was the best thing about the Rehearsal Room:

“The opportunity to practise craft with actors in safe, playful environment. It can be a ‘long time between drinks’

“This was a unique opportunity to put my screenplay dialogue to the test. It was great to hear the lines coming alive with really talented actors, playing my characters”

“The chance to work intimately with a director and evolve our scene over 2 hours”


A warm thank you to everyone who joined us and a special thank you to Springsouth Agency who helped us with getting such fantastic acting talent on board!




Updates from The Rehearsal Room


This weekend we held our last Auckland Rehearsal Room workshop of 2014- and a fantastic day it was!

Directors Rowena Baines, Lucy Stonex, Miles Murphy and Zoe Macintosh joined Equity members Xavier Black, Kevin Keys, Alistair Browning, Colin Moy, Michelle Blundell, Damien Avery and Morgan Bradley for a day of practising their craft and work-shopping film scenes from both original and popular film scripts. 

We asked them what they thought was the best thing about the Rehearsal Room:

“The chance to explore ideas in a safe environment.”

“Seeing my script come alive with actors who were willing to go there.”

“Nutting things out with the actors. Understanding what language they need to hear to perform.”

“Meeting new people, learning new skills and having a play with no pressure of outcome.”

Our favourite quote of the day:

The Rehearsal Room offered an excellent opportunity to explore the scene, play, and collaborate. I highly recommend this process to develop skills and build language to work more effectively with directors and fellow actors”

A warm thank you to everyone who joined us!!

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DEGNZ is also  proud to announce that we are now including a Christchurch workshop to our programme and looking forward to seeing members Gillian Ashurst, Louise Leitch, Stefen Harris and Hugh Mitton on the 25th of October for another day of script work-shopping and fun!

Our last workshop of 2015 is being held in Wellington on the 08th of November and we will be drawing participants next week so click here for your last chance to enrol.

We thank all our participants for a fantastic year and look forward to bringing you another round of these workshops in 2015- dates to be announced soon!

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The Rehearsal Room Feedback and Photos

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We’ve had an awesome time at our last two Rehearsal Room sessions in Auckland and Wellington.

Joined by screen legend Ian Mune in Auckland and accomplished actor Peter Feeney in Wellington, actors and directors came together to workshop a number of fantastic scenes and hone their skills.

The Rehearsal Room brings together professional actors and directors – in a safe, supportive environment to PRACTISE working with each other on scenes. For each event 4 directors and 8 actors are randomly selected, and all members of the Directors & Editors Guild, Ngā Aho Whakaari and Actors Equity are welcome to attend as observers. Directors are asked to provide a two-character scene (2-4 pages) or, if you prefer, a scene will be provided for you. Directors and actors will receive scripts in advance. On the day, directors and actors spend time rehearsing their scenes, with emphasis on connection and content. After morning tea, participants block their scenes, before presenting them for shooting, followed by viewing and discussion.

We had some great feedback too:
“Best thing about The Rehearsal Room was being able to explore a scene in a safe space with other professionals.”
” A really great workshop- these should be run more frequently- it’s very valuable to get together to play, learn, and establish relationships.”
“I loved today. So much fun! Met some awesome people and hope to do another one soon. Thank you!”
“I really enjoyed getting to work with Ian Mune and hearing things from such an experienced professional.”
“I would definitely recommend!”
There are only three events left in 2014- and newly introduced is The Rehearsal Room in Christchurch with the fantastic David McPhail moderating!
Register your interest in participating here:


Latest Auckland Rehearsal Room

“Everything was fab. So so so impressed”

“Thanks so much for the opportunity. A great initiative for both actors and directors to play and network”

“Well structured and professionally run”

“I was able to explore the scene with enthusiastic actors and mentors and feel entirely okay about taking risks and making mistakes”


We had such a great time at our last Rehearsal Room event on April 05th.

A huge thank you to DEGNZ members- Cushla Dillon, Ghazaleh Golbakhsh and Richard Riddiford who joined as our talented directors, and of course thank you to the fabulous acting team from Equity- Alex MacDonald, Arlo Gibson, Sean O’Connor, Kevin Harty, Nathan Whitaker, Becky Kuek, Brie Hill and Simone Walker.

The Rehearsal Room brings together professional actors and directors in a safe, supportive environment to PRACTISE working with each other on scenes.
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