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Watch: Film Talk with One Thousand Ropes Filmmakers

Last month we held a wonderful Film Talk with writer/director Tusi Tamasese and producer Catherine Fitzgerald talking with Chris Dudman on the making of One Thousand Ropes.

One Thousand Ropes is a powerful character drama of a father reconnecting with his youngest daughter and together putting to rest the ghosts that haunt them.

It was a spectacular evening exploring the many versions of the story and characters that led to the eventual film, the temporality of the film, the balance between violence and healing, and the question of belonging.

This event was part of the Film Talk Series, presented by DEGNZ and Rialto Cinemas in Auckland.

Watch the Film Talk here.

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Watch: Film Talk with West of Eden Filmmakers

We hosted a Q&A evening with director/editor Alastair Riddell, writer/producer Vanessa Riddell, and the cast of independent drama West of Eden.

Set in rural New Zealand during the 1960s, West of Eden tells the story of two men in love, at odds with the inherent conservatism of their surroundings. It was a great evening with plenty of questions for the cast and crew to consider surrounding themes, funding, and distribution. But what the creators of the film always returned to was that West of Eden is a love story.

This event was part of the Film Talk Series, presented by DEGNZ and Rialto Cinemas in Auckland.

Watch the Film Talk here.


Meet the director & producer of One Thousand Ropes!

DEGNZ and Rialto will be hosting a special Film Talk for One Thousand Ropes on the day of its release. Join us for the film, followed by a Q&A with director Tusi Tamasese and producer Catherine Fitzgerald as they chat to Chris Dudman. Book your tickets here, only $12 for industry members. 

One Thousand Ropes is a powerful character drama of a father reconnecting with his youngest daughter and together putting to rest the ghosts that haunt them.

She arrives vulnerable: badly beaten and heavily pregnant. He struggles on one hand, with the inner temptation and the encouragement from the men in his life to take revenge in the way he knows best,  and on the other, to build the new family and companionship so desperately missing from his life.

One Thousand Ropes is a deeply moving film about connections, redemption and new beginnings. 

When: Thursday 23 March, 6pm

Where: Rialto Cinemas Newmarket, Auckland

Tickets: Rialto

Cost: $12 for industry members 


Film Talk: Pork Pie

DEGNZ and Rialto will be hosting a special Film Talk for Pork Pie on the day of its release. Join us for the film, followed by a Q&A with producer Tom Hern as he chats to Leanne Pooley.  Book your tickets here.


When: Thursday 2 February, 6pm.

Where: Rialto Cinemas Newmarket, Auckland.

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Holiday Viewing – Check Us Out on Youtube

Finally got some free time over the holiday season? Revisit or catch up on some of our guild events from the year on our DEGNZ Channel, which is currently live. Here’s a small selection you might like:

- Film Talk: Q&A with Geoff Murphy on his seminal Goodbye Pork Pie.
- The Collaborators Series: Lee Tamahori and Robin Scholes – From Once Were Warriors to Mahana
- DEGNZ Selects: In conversation with Niki Caro
- and more!

We’ll be adding more vids in 2017 so make sure you subscribe.


25 April

Rialto Film Talks: 25 April and Notes to Eternity

There are two wonderful Rialto Film Talks coming up – DEGNZ member Leanne Pooley’s 25 April (Monday 25 April) and DEGNZ member Sarah Cordery’s Notes to Eternity (Thursday 26 May). Both are taking place at Rialto Cinemas Newmarket in Auckland.

Director Leanne Pooley will be present for 25 April‘s Q&A while director, writer and producer Sarah Cordery, illustrator and animator Ant Sang, and cinematographer Andrew McGeorge will be present for the Q&A after the screening of Notes to Eternity.

Notes to Eternity

Notes to Eternity

Crossing Rachmaninoff still 7

Rialto Film Talks: Crossing Rachmaninoff and Mahana

2016 is here and that means more fascinating Film Talks to attend at Rialto Cinemas.

Coming up in February we have special screenings of both Crossing Rachmaninoff, directed by DEGNZ member Rebecca Tansley, and Mahana, directed by Lee Tamahori. After each screening there will be a Q&A with special guests, with the Auckland events moderated by a board member of DEGNZ.

Details are as follows:

Crossing Rachmaninoff
Thursday 18
February Rialto Newmarket
Special guests director Rebecca Tansley and pianist/documentary subject Flavio Vallani

Wednesday 24 February
Rialto Newmarket
Special guests author Witi Ihimaera & Producer Robin Scholes

Tuesday 1 March
Rialto Cinemas Dunedin
Special guest lead actor Temuera Morrison

We look forward to seeing you there!

ever the land

Rialto Film Talk: Ever The Land

Come along to the next Rialto Film Talk on Thursday 27 August, 6.15pm, and watch Ever The Land. This feature documentary portrays the relationship between Ngai Tūhoe Maori and their land through a landmark architectural undertaking.

After the screening there will be a Q&A with special guests producer (and DEGNZ member!) Alexander Behse and architect Jerome Partington, moderated by Richard Riddiford. 

This film was directed by Sarah Grohnert and edited by another DEGNZ member, Prisca Bouchet. 

We hope to see you at the screening!

Where: Rialto Cinemas Newmarket
When: Thursday 27 August at 6:15pm 
Panellists: Producer Alexander Behse and Jasmax Senior Associate Jerome Partington

Visit our Facebook event here.

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The Ground We Won – Film Talk

We’re very excited to be screening The Ground We Won, a documentary feature by DEGNZ member Christopher Pryor, at our next Film Talk with Rialto Cinemas.

Following the film, there will be a Q&A and discussion with Chris, moderated by DEGNZ board member and documentary maker Richard Riddiford.

This quintessentially Kiwi doco was shot in Reporoa and follows rugby-playing farmers trying to bounce back from a string of defeats.

Read more about the film here and head along to the Film Talk to hear even more about Chris’ experience making the film.

What: Film Talk – The Ground We Won documentary feature
Where: Rialto Cinemas, Newmarket
When: Wednesday 6 May, 6.30pm

Dead Lands

The Dead Lands Film Talk

We’re excited to be hosting a special Q&A screening of The Dead Lands at Rialto Cinemas!

Synopsis: The Dead Lands joins the short list of screen tales set in Aotearoa, before the pākehā. James Rolleston (star of Boy) plays Hongi, the son of a Māori chief. After the massacre of his tribe, Hongi sets out into the forbidden Dead Lands, hoping to enlist the help of a legendary warrior (Lawrence Makoare). The Anglo-Kiwi co-production marks new screen territory for playwright turned director Toa Fraser (No. 2) and writer Glenn Standring (director of fantasy Perfect Creature). Now nominated for an Academy Award and following its debut at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival, the film arrives in NZ on October 30.

Here’s your chance to see it early!


Rialto Cinemas and Directors & Editors Guild of NZ and present Film Talk: a chance to hear from the people who actually make the movies!

Film Talk at Rialto Cinemas is where film makers and film fans meet. After each screening members of the creative team will join a moderator from the Directors & Editors Guild to discuss their work. Come along and get up close to hear about the most interesting aspects of film making – directing, acting, producing and story telling.

When: 6pm, Wednesday 29 October
Where: Rialto Cinemas
Moderated by Roseanne Liang (dir. Flat3)

This is your opportunity to hear from Toa Fraser (Director) and Matthew Metcalfe (Producer) who will join you after the movie to answer your questions and discuss the making of the film.

The Q&A will take place after the screening. We hope to see you all there!

Get your tickets here.