What we offer

Professional Development

Professional Development


DEGNZ runs a programme of talks, screenings, seminars, workshops, mentorships, networking events and master classes for Directors and Editors. Latest here.


Meet and share knowledge and experience with other Directors and Editors at our regular social and professional events. Through the year we run a variety of drinks events with opportunities to meet members of other guilds e.g. writers, actors, technicians.  We also host visiting directors for the NZ International Film Festival and we organize annual joint Guilds Christmas parties in Auckland and Wellington. Latest here.

The Rehearsal Room

A regular series of events in Auckland and Wellington where directors and actors come together in a shared space to rehearse scenes of the directors’ choice, with an experienced moderator running the event. Free of charge. Members only. Latest here.

Film Talks

A regular series of film screenings at Rialto Cinemas, Auckland, with the Guild moderating a Q & A with the filmmaker. $10 for members. Latest here.

The Collaborators Series

A regular series of panel discussions about how to get the most from industry collaborators e.g. editors; distributors and sales agents; art department, wardrobe and makeup; field sound and sound post; the camera department;  locations, line producer and 1st AD; writers; actors. Free to members. Latest here.

Directing Mentorship

DEGNZ awards an international mentorship to one NZ director each year.  Mentors will have achieved significant success as directors in the international screen industry and will come to NZ to visit their mentee. There is follow up communication by Skype and an opportunity for the director mentee to travel to the mentor’s place of work, for further connection. Emphasis is on career advice and strategic introductions.

Editing Mentorship

DEGNZ awards an international mentorship to one NZ editor each year. Mentors will have achieved significant success as editors in the international screen industry and will come to NZ to visit their mentee and engage with them during a cut. There is follow up communication by Skype.  Emphasis is on career advice and professional relationship advice.


DEGNZ runs workshops, master classes and seminars each year.

In 2014 there will be a workshop for emerging editors with Peter Roberts (The Dark Horse, The Most Fun You Can Have Dying) and Cushla Dillon (Beautiful Machine, After the Waterfall), a directing seminar with Rolf De Heer (Ten Canoes, Bad Boy Bubby) and an editing master class with Justine Wright (The Iron Lady, The Last King of Scotland, Touching the Void).  There has also been a casting workshop, with international casting agents, and a seminar with UK director Terence Davies (Sunset Song, Distant Voices, Still Lives). Latest here.

Directors’ Finders Award

The Finders Series Award, in association with the Directors Guild of America, presents an annual opportunity for a New Zealand director to screen their film at the prestigious DGA theatre complex in Los Angeles to key North American distributors, agents and press.

Policy and Advocacy

Representation and lobbying

One of the core functions of DEGNZ, as the representative body of Screen Directors and Editors in New Zealand, is to lobby on your behalf to improve industry opportunities and conditions and raise awareness of the work of screen Directors and Editors.

We engage in dialogue with key policy-making bodies in film, television and the arts generally, to ensure that Directors’ and Editors’ interests are properly represented and we have a clear, informed and effective voice.

We work to strengthen your creative and remunerative rights, both nationally and internationally, by lobbying policy in areas of funding and incentives, creative and cultural values and local content quota.

DEGNZ is a member of the Copyright Council of NZ, and is active in the WeCreate campaign, aimed at raising a positive profile and awareness of intellectual property rights.

DEGNZ is a founding member of SINZ (Screen Industry New Zealand) a pan-industry body set up to encourage co-operation between member groups. These include DEGNZ, SPADA (Screen Production and Development Association), Actors Equity NZ, NZ Writers Guild, WIFT, Nga Aho Whakaari, NZ Film and Video Technicians Guild, and NZ Cinematographers Society.

We also work with New Zealand Immigration Service and industry associations to ensure that wherever possible overseas Directors and Editors do not take work from local practitioners.

Help shape the future for New Zealand Directors and Editors

Have your say and help influence Government policy by being involved in and supporting DEGNZ campaigns on behalf of the Directors and Editors of New Zealand.


Professional Advice

DEGNZ staff are able to provide assistance with general information and specific legal, contract and financial information for members, as well as career advice and dispute resolution.

Legal Advice

Members are offered thirty minutes free legal advice, with discounted rates thereafter, from Guild lawyer Tim Riley, Dominion Law, Auckland.

You will need to be referred by the Guild for this service. Please contact us.

Access to Contracts

Members have access to Standard Directors’ Contracts for feature film, short film, documentary and television, which are backed up the Directors’ Minimum Rate Card. Standard contracts for Editors are currently being developed and the Editors’ Minimum Rate Card is available now.

Please contact the Guild for contracts.

International Associations

Members working internationally may draw on the Guild’s extensive contacts abroad through its affiliations with key international film organizations. View benefits here.

Screen Directors Collecting Societies

Your membership of DEGNZ puts you on the radar for ASDACS Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society, our Australasian and International collecting agency which collects and distributes payments due to directors for the exploitation of their work nationally and internationally. We encourage Directors to join directly at www.asdacs.com.au.


Directory of NZ Directors and Editors

All members of the Guild are entitled to inclusion in this invaluable industry resource on our website. Our searchable database includes brief bios, professional credits and optional contact details, offering local and worldwide exposure.

Each month two members are featured on the Home page of the website.

We welcome your news and notices for the ‘Members’ section of E-News and are pleased to help you publicise your successes, screenings and fund raising campaigns.


Cinema Discounts

  • Concession prices on New Zealand International Film Festival tickets
  • Concession prices on Documentary Edge Film Festival tickets
  • $10 tickets (Mon – Fri) at Rialto Cinemas
  • $11 tickets (all day, everyday) at Academy Cinemas

Other Discounts

  • Exclusive discounts on Editing courses with Apple Certified Master Trainer Andy Day.
  • 15% discount at Glengarry New Zealand for members
  • Free entry to most DEGNZ events



Our news bulletin is delivered to your email inbox every fortnight, and we produce special editions when necessary. This ensures you are kept up to date with industry news, campaign updates, events, festivals and industry deadlines.

We welcome your news and notices for the ‘Members’ section of E-News and are pleased to help you publicise your successes, screenings and fund raising campaigns.