Ministry of Social Development

COVID-19 Income Relief Payment

The following scheme has just been announced, and may be of help to you and/or colleagues and friends. COVID-19 Income Relief Payment If you lose your job (including self-employment) from 1 March 2020 to 30 October 2020 due to COVID-19,…
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Just when you thought we were all stuck in our ways, along came COVID-19. Now changes are flowing thick and fast to adapt to the brave new world this deadly virus has inflicted upon us. The Resource Management Act is being given the flick…
2020 DEGNZ Incubator

Introducing the DEGNZ Incubator Directors for 2020

The Directors & Editors Guild of NZ is delighted to introduce the seven directors selected for the fourth DEGNZ Emerging Women Filmmakers Incubator: Michelle Ang, Charlotte Evans, Pennie Hunt, Stella Reid, Rachel Ross, Jessica Grace Smith…
Cliff Curtis

Vista Foundation and Home & Family Counselling Offers Support to Screen Industry Members

DEGNZ would like to express our deep gratitude to the Vista Foundation and Home & Family Counselling for providing DEGNZ members with this professional counselling offer. The recent global pandemic has been particularly tough on the film…
Comedy Directing

Comedy Directing with Jonathan Brough

The real skill of a comedy director is working out what kind of funny suits each project. There are so many different flavours of comedy, and it moves so fast, that deciding on your tone - then being able to execute it - is crucial. This workshop…
Screen Industry Workers Bill

May 25 Submission Deadline for the Screen Industry Workers Bill

The Screen Industry Workers Bill We are just over a week away from the Monday 25 May deadline for public submissions to the select committee. In order to see pay and working conditions improve for you and others working in the industry,…
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View from the Bottom (of the North Island)

As the first glimmer of dawn lights the sky and the promise of Level Two becomes more real, its time I stopped leaving all the communication to our ED Tui. He is doing an amazing job. Thank you, Tui. Tui and Tema, our events manager, are working…
Screenlink: The Editor, a Composer's Friend or Foe?

Screenlink: The Editor, a Composer’s Friend or Foe?

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SCGNZ and DEGNZ present “The Editor, a Composer’s Friend or Foe?” A special event that looks at the importance of communication and teamwork between an Editor and a Film Composer… Will they be friends or foes by the end of the mix? Join…