Directing In the Intimate Zone

Directing In the Intimate Zone - Christchurch

DEGNZ encourages directors, actors and producers to join us for a one-day Christchurch workshop with Louise Leitch on directing intimacy, after the first Directing In the Intimate Zone workshop in Auckland. Until now, many directors have…
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To Be or Not to Be? That Was the Question.

Almost a year ago, the Directors & Editors Guild of NZ membership voted to become a union. At this year’s AGM on Saturday 5 October, DEGNZ will adopt a new constitution that will allow the Guild to formalise its status as a union and affiliate…

Film Talk: Capital in the 21st Century - October 10

Join DEGNZ and Rialto Cinemas for a Q&A screening of New Zealand documentary Capital in the 21st Century. Special guest director Justin Pemberton will be present for a half-hour audience Q&A after the film. Adapting one of the most…
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Just Not Cutting It

Just over four years ago a group of senior editors were sitting around on a Sunday afternoon in Auckland lamenting the fact that standards just weren’t like they used to be. They questioned each other as to why that was. The answer they came…
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Rehearsal & Performance Workshops with Director Caroline Bell-Booth

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The Rehearsal & Performance series provides regular opportunities for directors and actors to practise their craft. Each workshop brings in an experienced moderator to guide participants as they explore a workshop scene in groups (one director,…
SPADA Post Workflow Worshops

SPADA Post-Production Workflow Workshops

SPADA, in association with DEGNZ, presents a day-long workshop introducing the concepts and processes of the post-production workflow. Delivered by Editor Annie Collins and Producer Catherine Fitzgerald, this workshop will give an overview…
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The Future of (NZ) Film

When Bob Iger of Disney speaks about the future of film, it’s worth listening. Why? Because amongst the hundreds of companies that sit under the Disney umbrella are 20th Century Fox, Lucas Film, Marvel, and Pixar. Brands number in the…
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Is It Time for TVNZ to Revert to Public Broadcasting?

My op-ed this week is devoted to personal musings in the lead up to the NZ Screen Sector Strategy hui, and the changing nature of the screen industry as we know it. Colin Peacock on the Radio New Zealand website wrote on the weekend about…