Standard Feature Film Editing Agreement

We are gradually building a set of standard agreements for use by directors and editors who are members of the Guild. These are intended as a recommended guide. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about our standard agreements.


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In the current environment where each individual is required to negotiate their own contract terms and conditions as a contractor, they are disadvantaged in negotiations. The Screen Industry Workers Bill when it becomes legislation will help to create a more level playing field. In the meantime, this agreement designed by DEGANZ seeks to establish fair terms and conditions between editor and engager (producer).

Before using it, please read ALL of the agreement carefully and watch the accompanying video of the Film Editors Contract Workshop so that you understand it.

It is made available in MS Word format so that you can enter the basic information and present it to the engager (producer).

In negotiating your terms and conditions with the engager, you or they will insert or change the text and or terms and conditions of the agreement. Such changes will vary the document away from this standard agreement template. You MUST ALWAYS note where those changes are made and understand them, as they could weaken your terms and conditions. The Track Changes function in MS Word is useful for this but you or the engager may not use it.

Before signing your agreement, make a FULL AND DETAILED comparison against the standard agreement so that you know where any changes have been made.

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