Stay at Home, Make a Video – DEGNZ Play

Stay at home, make a video

From Monday 30 March, the Directors & Editors Guild of NZ will introduce DEGNZ Play for our members. DEGNZ Play is an initiative to help provide an outlet for your creative juices and get something of yours into production now and out into the world!

We would like you to make a 60-second video that we will upload onto our DEGNZ YouTube Channel.

Each Friday while self-isolation lasts, we will put forward a theme for the week that you can create to. The theme for the week of March 30 is BUBBLE. 

Participation is limited to DEGNZ members, but you can join as per normal or take advantage of our Membership Holiday scheme to become a member if you are suffering financial hardship.

Some suggestions for approach:

  1. This is not a competition—it’s an opportunity for self-expression—everyone’s a winner.
  2. We are not encouraging mini-Hollywood studio productions. Simple is better, but if you really feel the need…
  3. Please refrain from being explict in content or language. We’d like members to be able to share it with their families. We do reserve the right not to upload content to the DEGNZ channel if we feel it’s inappropriate.
  4. Keep the file size small – less than 100MBs if you can.
  5. No longer than 60-seconds.

To submit a video

Please send it via WeTransfer to with your name, the week’s theme, your video’s title and your city/town in the message. The deadline for each week to get videos in is 5PM on the Friday. So for example, the deadline for Week 1 is Friday 3 April, 5PM.

We look forward to seeing your work. Be a part of DEGNZ Play!

The DEGNZ team

Last updated on 30 March 2020