Watch: Film Talk with One Thousand Ropes Filmmakers


Last month we held a wonderful Film Talk with writer/director Tusi Tamasese and producer Catherine Fitzgerald talking with Chris Dudman on the making of One Thousand Ropes.

One Thousand Ropes is a powerful character drama of a father reconnecting with his youngest daughter and together putting to rest the ghosts that haunt them.

It was a spectacular evening exploring the many versions of the story and characters that led to the eventual film, the temporality of the film, the balance between violence and healing, and the question of belonging.

This event was part of the Film Talk Series, presented by DEGNZ and Rialto Cinemas in Auckland.


Jesse Warn’s Directing Toolkit: In Pictures

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Thanks to Jesse Warn for hosting a fantastic Directing Toolkit workshop over the weekend. The feedback for the 2-day intensive workshop has been overwhelmingly positive and participants received loads of practical information, tips and inspiration. P1020475 P1020483 P1020489 P1020497

NZCS and DEGNZ: Collaborators Series Success


Thanks to Rebecca Tansley, Simon Raby and Fiona Samuel for a great night at our latest Collaborators Series! Members of DEGNZ and NZCS got together to discuss how a first-time feature filmmaker and an experienced DOP can work together for a fantastic end result.

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That’s A Wrap: Rehearsal Room With Oliver Driver


Saturday’s Rehearsal Room with Oliver Driver was a great success, with four directors and eight actors working together to bring their scenes to life.

There was a bit of everything in the scripts workshopped on the day – comedy, drama, romance and action. By the end of the experience, everybody felt they had come a long way developing their scenes, and Oliver offered great practical tips and advice to all of the groups.

A highlight was definitely playing back the work at the end, seeing what everybody had produced and hearing about the journey they took to get there.

Sign up for the next Wellington and Auckland Rehearsal Rooms on EventBrite. More will be added as we schedule for 2016! Thanks to the New Zealand Film Commission for supporting this event.

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