Before You Say Yes to Web Series

Get more control over your career by knowing the pitfalls to avoid before you set out on your web series dreams.

Be informed about issues currently facing web content creators in NZ. Lately, we’ve seen some appalling agreements given to our director members to sign.

In response, DEGNZ has been busy on a standard contract for scripted content on the Web for Directors that will be launched at Before You Say Yes to Web Series.

You have the right to be compensated fairly for your creativity, ideas and hard work. This contract will help!

If the mention of “contract” makes you want to curl up into the foetal position, no fear, we’re bringing Tim Riley in from Dominion Law to break down that jargon. Without boring you to death.

DEGNZ supports your right to work for free, too. But if you do get the opportunity to make scripted online content and be paid, we’d like you to know what we believe is fair for your creative contribution. And when there isn’t enough hard cash involved, what you should ask for to make up the difference.

Be sure to bring your mates and get in the mix!


When: Saturday 28 October, 10am – 12pm

Entry: DEGNZ members – Free / Non-members – $5 koha

Where: St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland

Main entrance & carpark behind the Centre.


Before You Say Yes to Web Series is the first event and official launch of Young Creators, a brand new initiative from the Directors & Editors Guild of NZ.

DEGNZ Young Creators is a programme of events with a mission to inform and inspire younger or emerging directors and editors to build successful, sustainable careers in the screen industry.


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It was a great pleasure to have director Danny Mulheron lead our latest Directing Toolkit based in Wellington. The 2-day workshop was a fantastic yet intensive experience. On the Saturday, Danny gave an in depth directing seminar, while Sunday was devoted to giving participating directors the opportunity to learn through demonstration and hands-on group work. A big thanks to Danny and the directors and actors who were involved.


The Directors & Editors Guild of NZ invites you to apply for a 2-day Directing Toolkit Workshop with director Rob Sarkies in Rotorua.

The workshop will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 29 and 30 April.

About Rob Sarkies

Rob works across feature films, series television and commercials. His work includes the acclaimed feature Out of the Blue about the Aramoana shootings, Consent a powerful tele-feature based on Louise Nicholas’s fight for justice, Jean about aviator Jean Batten, buddy comedy Two Little Boys starring Brett McKenzie and Hamish Blake, and NZ classic Scarfies.

Process! Process! Process!

Robert SarkiesThis will be a practical workshop that will take participants through Rob’s film-making process from development to shoot and examine how process can be adapted from project to project.

The workshop will cover development process (how to avoid ‘development hell’ or at least ensure your project comes out the better at the end of it). Process leading to production (script prep, visual prep, storyboards, casting process). Pre-Production (rehearsal process, binding your collaborators to the same vision) and practical process on set (scene blocking, working with cast, working with your DP).

Rob will outline his process and encourage participants to develop processes specific to them. A workshop full of practical hints to help you control the beast of a feature film rather than having it control you.


What: Directing Toolkit Workshop with Rob Sarkies

When: Saturday 29 April,  9am – 5pm & Sunday 30 April, 9am – 4pm

Where: Rotorua

Cost: Free for DEGNZ members, $100 for non-members

A travel allowance is available for DEGNZ members coming from out of town.

Lunch and refreshments provided.


TO APPLY please send your application in ONE PDF to with ‘Rotorua Directing Toolkit’ in the subject line.

In your application, please provide:

  • CV
  • links to samples of your work
  • a maximum one-page letter stating why you want to attend this workshop.
  • please also include your mobile number and any dietary requirements.

Application Deadline: 9am, Tuesday 18 April.

This initiative is brought to you with the support of the New Zealand Film Commission.

The Directors & Editors Guild of NZ invites you to apply for a 2-day Directing Toolkit Workshop with director Danny Mulheron.

The workshop will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 1 and 2 April in Wellington.

Danny will draw on his extensive experience to deliver an interactive and informative Directing Toolkit, which requires participants to get physically involved.

Day One topics will include:

  • The Director and the Script, Or: God I’m bored, why?
  • Text, Subtext and Context, Or: “Help, I’m struggling for depth?”
  • Observing Human Behaviour and Emotions, Or: On preferring what you don’t want…and recognising it.
  • The #1 Secret of the Actor/Director Relationship, Or: Don’t fall in love with them…too much?
  • Tools of the Director, Or: How to keep out of the way. It’s what you don’t do that counts.

Day Two will guide participants on working with actors, script reads, rehearsing, shooting and blocking through the use of demonstration and class exercises.

About Danny Mulheron 

Danny MulheronSince his graduation from the New Zealand Drama School in 1983, Danny has become an experienced director, writer and actor in all mediums – stage, screen and television. He is known as an ‘actor’s director’ due to his particular strength in directing actors and getting extraordinary performances.

Danny has directed award-winning television dramas, feature-length documentaries and smash hit theatre productions. His latest work has been Why does love?, a rock and roll movie about The Dance Exponents. Prior to that he directed all six episodes of the Hillary TV series for TVNZ. Other TV movies include The Kick, Rage and Eruption. Fresh Meat was a lesbian cannibal grind house movie for the Gibson Group which made it to the NYC Tribeca Film Festival.​ He is currently completing the writing of a screenplay based on the play The Motor Camp, as well as a couple of other screenplays in production.


What: Directing Toolkit Workshop with Danny Mulheron

When: Saturday 1 April,  9.30am – 4.30pm & Sunday 2 April, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Where: TBC, Wellington

Cost: Free for DEGNZ members, $100 for non-members

Lunch and refreshments provided.

A travel allowance is available for those coming from outside the Wellington region.


TO APPLY please send your application in ONE PDF to with ‘Wellington Directing Toolkit’ in the subject line.

In your application, please provide:

  • CV
  • links to samples of your work
  • a maximum one-page letter stating why you want to attend this workshop. 
  • please also include your mobile number and any dietary requirements.

Extended Application Deadline: 9am, Monday 27 March.

This initiative is brought to you with the support of the New Zealand Film Commission.


23 May 2016

The Directors & Editors Guild of New Zealand (DEGNZ) is delighted to announce its year-long Women Filmmaker Incubator with financial assistance from the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC).

The Incubator, launching in the second half of 2016, will comprise of five workshops designed to give up to eight emerging female directors the opportunity to build their knowledge, skills and networks as a means to advance their careers and projects in the screen industry.

“One of our goals within the NZFC’s gender policy is to encourage proposals from Guilds that support and enhance the upskilling of women in the industry,” says NZFC CEO Dave Gibson.  “This programme fits that brief perfectly and compliments our 2016 Gaylene Preston Director’s Award.”

The Incubator targets women with a track record as a director in their area of focus and the intent to make their first feature or equivalent (corresponding work in TV, web series, feature documentary or drama).  Applicants will have a project in development that has not yet been presented to a network or funder.

Each workshop in the programme will bring in highly successful filmmakers and experts in a stepped approach that will develop participants’ confidence and capability to engage with the screen industry as they seek to get their own projects through development and into production.

“We have been working for close to a year to put this initiative in place,” said DEGNZ Executive Director Tui Ruwhiu. “We are extremely thankful to NZFC for providing financial support that will enable us to help address gender inequality for women directors.”

For DEGNZ, the Women Filmmaker Incubator is its latest effort focused on turning around the poor statistics for women directors in television drama and feature film in New Zealand, which reflect the trend internationally.

A call for applications for the Incubator will be issued in June.


For further information, please contact:

Tui Ruwhiu

Executive Director

Directors & Editors Guild of NZ


The New Zealand Film Commission invests in original and culturally significant films, encourages talented New Zealand filmmakers through developing career pathways and facilitating connections offshore, and works to increase the number of people seeing New Zealand films here and overseas.  It supports the growth of economic activity and helps ensure New Zealand has sustainable screen sector businesses operating within an internationally competitive screen sector.  The NZFC also helps negotiate co-production treaties and certifies co-productions and New Zealand films for tax purposes.

The Directors & Editors Guild of NZ is a not-for-profit membership organisation that represents Directors and Editors in the New Zealand screen industry. This includes Directors and Editors of feature drama and documentary; television drama, documentary and factual programmes; short films; video art; animation; commercials and web content.

DEGNZ’s two primary roles are advocacy and professional development. We:

  • are dedicated to promoting excellence in the arts of directing and editing.
  • foster collegiality and unity within the screen industry.
  • promote members’ creative and economic rights.
  • work to improve industry working conditions and remuneration.
  • offer professional advice and information on contracts and industry standards and practice.
  • offer professional development events, networking opportunities, career advice, dispute resolution, mentoring, workshops, training, discounts and regular news bulletins for members across all levels of expertise, from novices to seasoned professionals.
  • is a voice for Directors and Editors in influencing policy in the interest of our members. We do this through our membership of the pan‐industry group SINZ (Screen Industry New Zealand), and by making submissions to government and public officials.
  • Internationally work co-operatively with other guilds and we belong to the International Affiliation of English‐Speaking Directors’ Organisations (IEASDO).

DEGNZ is Auckland-based with an office in Grey Lynn.

Contact Details:

Directors & Editors Guild of NZ

Level 2, 66 Surrey Crescent

Grey Lynn

P.O. Box 47-294, Ponsonby