Wonderful to see the launch of the dystopian, black comedy series Creamerie, directed by member Roseanne Liang. DEGNZ member Jochen Fitzherbert edited the series, alongside Academy Award Nominee Tom Eagles. The series is set eight years after a plague killed all men, and follows three women who run a dairy farm, who accidentally run over the last surviving male human on the planet.

Creamerie is now available on TVNZ OnDemand to binge, or if you’d rather sit down in front of the tele and savour it slowly, the show is being broadcast on TVNZ 2.

The first of six-episode series Vegas, kicked off this week, on screens across Aotearoa. DEGNZ members were involved in the production and post-production of this action-thriller, filmed entirely in Rotorua. Peter Roberts (DEGNZ) edited the series alongside Carly Turner, while DEGNZ’s TV Drama Director Attachment Scheme allowed members Tim Worall and Cian Elyse White to develop as directors during production.

Tim directed an episode as part of his attachment, and Cian was given some scenes to direct. Cian also stars in Vegas as wahine toa Toni Poulan, a local business owner who becomes the central suspect in a drug deal gone wrong.

New episodes Mondays.

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The series, naturally, shot in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, is now available for kiwis to enjoy. Several DEGNZ members are credited on the series, including Alex Boyd as Editor, Amanda Mulberry as 1st Assistant Editor and Scott Milligan as Assistant Editor.

New Zealand’s favourite spooky investigators are back in business! Officers Minogue and O’Leary are keeping the streets of Aotearoa’s capital safe from the unexplainable. Catch it on TVNZ2 or TVNZ OnDemand. New episodes Wednesdays.

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The documentary Six Angry Women was released on International Women’s Day (March 8) on TVNZ1 and is available on demand. Director and DEGNZ member Megan Jones reopened the 1984 mystery case where ‘six feminists kidnapped an Auckland University lecturer, beat him and chained him to a tree in a violent political action.’

“We all watched and discussed the film a great deal. We were so fascinated by the story and how you tell it. You get both the details of the specific event and the broader hidden history of sexual violence that has not been told before. It’s a unique film.” – Sudeep Sharma, Sundance Film Festival.

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The series follows comedy trio Frickin Dangerous Bro. made up of Jamaine Ross, James Roque and Pax Assadi on their stand-up show tour around Aotearoa. The programme has received great reviews and is just another example of how kiwi-comedy series are thriving in New Zealand. We are excited to see the work of both members Hweiling Ow who co-directed episode one and three of the series, and Emma Savage, who was Edit Assistant on the series.

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